Tom Small Sculpture

About the Artist

TOM SMALL GREW UP near Kirkland, Washington with his siblings and parents. His early visual impressions included drawings of buildings on his father’s desk, skeletal frames of buildings under construction, and trees against the sky. As a child, he carved everything within reach and began carving wood in earnest in high school and at that time he also began exploring and backpacking in the Cascade Mountains. He went on to study casting, welding, and wood carving at the University of Washington, graduating with a degree in sculpture in 1984. Looking to deepen his relationship with the wilderness, he purchased a remote piece of property atop Cady Mountain on San Juan Island. On this 10 acres of moss beds and old growth forest, Tom built his house and shop buildings. Here among the ravens and foxes he and his wife Shannon raised their daughters and here he creates his sculpture. He began working with galleries in 1985 and many of Tom’s larger works have been commissions that are featured in spaces across the United States. His sculpturesvlive in collections throughout North America.


You will find my studio at the end of a long winding road, wending in and out of the light, up the mountain, through longstanding oaks and conifers. You will see what pulled me here, the old trees, the activity of light, the dark, and the ravens which watch me. When the sun goes down, it bathes the stone in its glow, and I am renewed in my committment to this place and project.

About the Studio